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  International awards:
  • Vermeil: PAZ DEL CHACO 2001, NTSS 2007
  • Large Silver: PHILAKOREA 2002, BRNO 2005, BELGICA 2006
  • Silver: HAFNIA 01
  •   National awards:
  • Large Vermeil: BUCURESTI 2002
  • 0.PLAN
    1.The mechanical age
    1.1.Early counting tools - from hand to the first calculating device
    1.2.The mechanics who built them
    1.3.Mechanical counting machines
    1.4.Electromechanical calculators
    2.The age of computing
    2.1.From the first electronic computer to microcomputers
    2.2.Software - the driving force of the computer
    2.3.Data support - the essence
    2.4.Hardware - the framework of the computer
    3.An industry is born
    3.1.Companies in the computer world
    3.2.Some early applications
    3.3.Data and information processing
    4.The spread out of computers
    4.1.The revolution of personal computer
    4.2.Personal computer software, the invisible intelligence
    4.3.The information age, information technology
    5.Computer available for everyone
    5.1.Applications spread out
    5.2.Transfer of information and knowledge
    5.3.Outcome - our life and hobbies are changing
    6.The cyber world is now
    6.1.Some early networks
    6.2.INTERNET, one big world, is born
    6.3.IT's impact on the postal system
    6.4.The future - the ultimate goal

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